It’s as easy as A-B-C!


Create your App

Choose your App’s features, layout and structure. Add the necessary details to create the frame.


Add your branding

Brand your App to make it an extension of your event. Select your brand theme , colors & content.


Create your Event and Publish!

All that’s left is to add your event to your brand new App. Enter your event details, add tickets and go live.


Mobile App Builder

Drag & Drop Features

Using our drag & drop builder, you can publish your custom mobile apps for your events. Use beautiful and intuitive mobile app themes for an intuitive UI. Setup your splash screens, login screens and design onboarding flows. Enable in-app Ticketing & Registrations for your upcoming events.

Setup event day agenda and feature multiple sessions in app. Build & manage multiple mobile apps in an Unified Dashboard.

Control Access to the app

Control who gets to access the app. Make login mandatory, make it optional or remove the login screen altogether. Add your logo to be shown on the login screen to customize it.

Home Feed

Allow registrations for your Events, Conferences, Trade-shows/ Exhibitions, Expos and more available at the touch of a finger. Showcase your Sponsors, Partners, Exhibitors through media options such as Logos, Videos & Images. Users can see your social media posts, location & venue, initiate chats, view agenda and much more.

Side Panel

Design your side panel as per your need. Home navigation can have up to 8 features listed. Remaining features can be viewed in the side navigation panel.

Add Modules


Add all types of participants attending the event, like Speakers, Sponsors, Attendees, Organizers, Exhibitors, etc. The users can view the details of added participants and initiate chats. Users can go to a speaker's profile to know about the sessions which they are presiding over.


Add multiple sessions in the agenda.

Categorize the sessions by associating Tags. Example: By Day (Day 1, Day 2, Day 3) or by Venue (Ballroom, Poolside Lawn, Hall A) or by the type of session (Workshops, Keynotes, Seminars). Allow users to view all the participants (attendees, speakers, etc) added in a session.

Agenda Tracks

Click on the categories/ tracks to view sessions added under them.

See a quick overview of each session including information like start time, venue, details, etc. Click on a session to see complete details and to see the participants attending the session. Choose the sessions which you are interested in attending to add to your Google/ iOS calendar. Add yourself to those sessions and they will appear under "My sessions"

Q & A

Enable questions and answers for pre-session, on-going session and after session timelines in the app. Click on any Session from the Agenda to view its additional details. You can see the venue, session description, timings, topic(s), etc.

Scroll down to see the questions submitted by participants for the sessions.

Scroll further down to view the participants associated. Click on any participant's name to view their profile.


Users can search through the lists of Attendees with their names. Click on any attendee to see their information.

Chats can be initiated from the attendee profile by clicking on the “Chat” icon.

Event Updates

Send unlimited live updates and notifications to the app users to keep them engaged. Last minute hall change, a new session added, Change of Speakers, a networking dinner included, discounted registration coming up: the reasons are endless to send notifications.

Include text, image and a URL to be sent along with the notification.


Enable discussion forums for participants through comments and replies in the app. Initiate discussions by putting up a post. The app users can comment on your post and have a discussion.

Social Media

Integrate facebook, twitter & instagram feeds in app for showing live updates in the app. Connect your Facebook/Twitter account to allow users to see your posts.

Ticketing/ Registration

Enable in-app Ticketing & Registrations for your upcoming events


Create document showcase slots based on your event type. Embed Google drive links for the particular doc format (Docs, sheets, slidedeck, etc.) in the slots.

Exhibitor Booth

Create showcase slots for Exhibitors (images) and add their team members/ associates (with details) to show their products/ services.


Create your survey in Explara Surveys and connect it with the app to collect attendee feedback. Choose the survey you wish to send and also the level of association in the app (all users, attendees for a specific session or to a particular participant). View the report for the survey responses received.


Attendees have the functionality to chat with each other. They do not have to share contact number to initiate chat. Share images, videos, contacts and location. Simply click on the Chat icon and select the person you are looking to chat with.

Image Gallery

Use images to showcase your partners, sponsors, exhibitors, event highlights, participant activities and more.

Add images to attract users and keep them engaged with relevant content.


Scroll through the list of speakers or search for a particular speaker with their name. Click on a Speaker's name to view their bio and additional information. Chat feature for speakers is available on request.

Scroll down to see the sessions the speaker is presiding over.


Create different tabs/ sections for different types of images like Sponsors, Partners, Exhibitors, Floor Plans, Gallery, etc.

These images can displayed in the home feed as scrolling images or users can click on the tab to view all images in it.

Exhibitors & Partners

Further create tracks under each image tab to categorize images. For example, under Sponsor images, tracks can be created like Bronze Sponsors, Gold Sponsors and Platinum Sponsors. Provide specific URL to redirect users when each image is clicked.


Create video showcase slots for sponsors, partners, exhibitors, performances, etc. Embed youtube channel/ video in the showcase slots.


Gamify & track your event with fun and engaging actionables (such as QR code scans) and tasks (such as collecting points for registration, viewing profiles, and more). Venue/Location: Set map locations and directions for your event venues

Multi Event

You can showcase multiple events with unique set of enabled features for each event in your app.


Add web pages to attract users and keep them engaged with relevant content. Create different tabs/ sections for different types of web pages like Sponsors, Partners, Floor Plans, About Us, E-Magazines, etc.

Users can click on the tab to view all web pages in it and then click on the specific web page they wish to view.

Create tracks under each web page tab to categorize them. Example, Under About Us tracks can be created like Company History, Our Clients and Terms & Conditions.


Allow user to take notes, both text and image, this will help user to take info from the event session and use later. This note is managed privately for each user account.

Meeting Request

Enable permissions for requesting & scheduling meetings with all types of participants (speakers, attendees, sponsors, etc.)

Analysis & Report

Analysis & Report

Track App usage metrics like number of downloads, page views, active users, Etc. Track unique screen views, in-app content, live updates, etc. Analyze the participants who joins all or particular sessions in event agenda. Analyze different participant types and their activities in the app. Track actionable and tasks done by participants in the app. Track and analyze number & types of responses for your surveys.

Team & Collab

Team & Collab

Add your team members as Admins, coordinators, volunteers, etc. to manage the dashboard. Manage access permissions for participants for each feature of the app.

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